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Producing short, provocative, conceptually coherent texts—across a range of emergent and established fields and practices—the aim of 1968 Press is to showcase the best and most original new theoretical interventions: informed by radical teachings; relevant to discourses of today; and laying groundworks for the futures of tomorrow. ​

Theory and radical politics have a long history of being the closest of allies but recently the gap has widened, to the detriment of both. Established theory publishing houses migrate away from 'dense' theoretical texts, even when they can be the spark for revolution. We called our publishing house 1968 Press after the events of May '68, to indicate the spirit of combining politics with serious philosophical thought. We see the battles of the future, for a full diversity of causes, as being bound up with thinking critically. ​

Rigorous in form, heterogeneous in content, our mission is to convoke an assemblage of work within a multiplicity of thought that will lend clarity to our situation, without dilution; political integrity to our conjuncture, without eclecticism; and searching discursive analysis, without pretentions to masterfulness or reliance on the market-production of knowledge. ​

Our endeavour forms around a return to the rigour of the concept, and a pledge of fidelity to procedures of formation in line with it; is opposed to the rigor-mortis imposed upon it by the lack of focus of the postmodern condition; and seeks to reinstate thinking and working-through in place of the constrictiveness of doctrine.

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